Clotted Cream (in an Instant Pot)

Clotted Cream 3

Clotted cream is a delicious British condiment. Perfect for topping scones, muffins, cornbread, bagels: anything that you might put butter, cream cheese, or whipped cream on. Or try a dollop on oatmeal with fresh fruit for a wonderful breakfast treat.

Clotted cream’s texture and taste lie somewhere between whipped cream and butter. So: the best of both worlds.

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Clotted cream is made by heating cream and keeping it at a low temperature while the fat solids separate from the thinner milk and whey. Maintaining a consistent low heat for a long time is the perfect job for an Instant Pot.

The hardest part of making clotted cream is finding heavy cream that is NOT ultra-pasteurized. Most grocery stores in the US do not carry cream that isn’t ultra-pasteurized. (You can use regular pasteurized cream, but not ultra-pasteurized. The cream will not clot the same.) I bought mine at a local farmer’s market. Some Whole Foods stores also carry it.

**Save the thinner milk/whey that is left after separation to use in other recipes where you would use milk.

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Clotted Cream (in an Instant Pot)

Clotted Cream 3

4 cups heavy cream, not ultra-pasteurized

1. Pour cream into the Instant Pot and close lid (use glass lid if you have one).
2. Set Instant Pot to Yogurt and then Boil (press the Yogurt button, then press Adjust until it says Boil).
3. When the Boil cycle finishes, use a thermometer to check that the cream has reached 180°F. Repeat step if cream has not reached 180°F.
4. Return lid (glass) to pot and press Keep Warm button. Leave at Keep Warm for 8 hours.
5. Turn off Instant Pot and set insert on a cooling rack. Cool to room temperature. Do not stir.
7. Cover with glass lid or plastic wrap and refrigerate for 8-12 hours. Do not stir.
8. Remove from fridge. The clotted cream will have thickened and risen above a layer of milk/whey.
9. Use a spoon to scoop out a small section of clotted cream from the side of the pot, and place in a bowl. Carefully pour off the milk/whey at the bottom of the pot (keep to use in other recipes that call for milk or whey). Scoop the remaining clotted cream out into bowl. Stir back in a little whey if you want a thinner texture.
10. Store clotted cream in the refrigerator or freezer. For a softer texture, remove clotted cream from refrigerator about 30 minutes before serving.

Yield: about 2 cups clotted cream



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7 responses to “Clotted Cream (in an Instant Pot)

  1. k

    Not every instant pot has a yogurt setting. Please tell us what manual settings are to be used. Thank you.


    • The Yogurt setting on some Instant Pots is a dual function setting: it has a “Boil” function which heats liquid to about 180F (and then beeps when it reaches this temperature), and then a “Yogurt” function to incubate yogurt at about 110F. If you are making clotted cream, you only need the “Boil” function of the Yogurt setting to heat the cream to 180F. If you don’t have this setting, you can use the Saute setting, or any other non-pressure setting that heats quickly. You will just need to manually check the temperature of your cream with a thermometer to heat it to the needed 180F. Be sure to stir occasionally so that it doesn’t scorch on the bottom. If your Instant Pot doesn’t have a setting like this, you can heat the cream on the stove to 180F and then return it to the Instant Pot on the Warm setting to incubate.


  2. Michelle M

    What Keep Warm setting did you use, Less, Normal or More? I have a 6Qt Ultra.


    • The Keep Warm setting on my Instant Pot is the same as the Cancel button. It toggles ON/OFF. I have not tried using the Slow Cook settings. I know my Keep Warm setting is on when the orange light is ON on the button.


    • Sylvia M.

      I just finished making clotted cream in my 6-qt. Instant Pot Ultra. Here’s my experience so far. I used 2 pints of Pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream from Aldi. (They actually sell non Ultra Pasteurized now!) After pouring the 2 pints into the inner Instant Pot liner, I closed the lid and made sure the venting button on top was pushed. I selected the Yogurt setting and chose High under that. That showed the word BOIL After it finished the BOIL cycle I tested the temperature and found it to only be 155 degrees F. I went through another BOIL process and got it to 180 degrees F. After the second BOIL cycle I pushed cancel. I then chose Slow Cooker, custom set the temperature to 180 degrees to cook for 10 hours. After the ten hours were up I definitely have a yellow crust. Now I need to refrigerate it for 12 hours. We’ll see how much cream I get.


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