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Proverb Cookies

Fortune Cookies

On Sundays, I teach a children’s church class of about a dozen 4-7 year olds. This week our lesson was on the book of Proverbs. While there are many good lessons and teachings in Proverbs, there isn’t a clear story line that grabs the attention of young minds.

To try to keep them at least a little bit engaged as we discussed some relevant proverbs, I made fortune cookies with slips of paper inside containing a few proverbs that we could discuss. I tried to impress upon them that these were NOT fortune cookies, but “Proverb Cookies”.

This is the list of proverbs that I printed to put in the cookies. Some we opened in class, and the rest were given out to others later.

Proverb Cookies Phrases

When making fortune cookies, there are always a few that don’t fold correctly, or harden too quickly to fold. My family always loves these casualties to my baking.

Fortune Cookies 2

Click the link below for detailed instructions on how to make and shape the cookies:

Making and Shaping Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies 3


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