Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies: Mint Oreo Cookies


DAY 2: These cookies are Big A’s favorite cookie to make. She almost always chooses to make these when she has to bring a treat somewhere. The cookie recipe is extremely simple, starting with a cake mix. The only time consuming part is putting the frosting between the two cookies (which really is not much to complain about). You can easily make these as plain oreos (instead of mint) by omitting the peppermint extract and green food coloring. Refrigerate these after making, as the filling contains cream cheese.



Mint Oreo Cookies

  • Servings: about 3 dozen
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2 chocolate cake mixes
4 eggs
2/3 cup oil

4 oz cream cheese
2 Tbs butter
1 tsp vanilla
¼ tsp peppermint extract
10 drops green food coloring
2 cups powdered sugar

COOKIES: Beat all cookie ingredients until well mixed. Roll into small balls and place on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 375°F for 8 minutes. Drop cookie sheet on counter to flatten cookies slightly. Cool cookies on rack.

Spread one cookie with filling. Top with a second cookie. Store in refrigerator.

FILLING: Beat cream cheese and butter with a mixer. Add vanilla, peppermint extract, and food coloring. Beat in powdered sugar.


DAY 1:
Swedish Peppar KaKar

For more wonderful Christmas cookie ideas, visit Food Blogga’s Eat Christmas Cookies Event. For submitting your own cookies to the event, visit Food Blogga.



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3 responses to “Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies: Mint Oreo Cookies

  1. OH WOW, these sound good!!!


  2. My husband would go crazy for these cookies! Oreos and mint are two of his favorite flavors. Thanks for a festive submission!


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