How To . . . Make Chocolate Butterflies

Chocolate Butterflies (For Cupcakes)


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Assemble ingredients: Melting chocolate (both chocolate and colored), waxed paper, toothpicks, writing tip, Ziploc bags or pastry bags, butterfly stencil, “sprinkles”

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Trace wing and antennae pattern onto a piece of white paper.

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Place a small amount of colored and chocolate melting disks into separate Ziploc bags (or small bowls). Melt in microwave—Start with 30 seconds, squish bags, then add an additional 10 seconds if not completely melted.

I used a writing tip to pipe the chocolate, but I just cut off a small end of the bag to squeeze out the melted colored vanilla candy. I used Ziploc bags simply because I did not want to clean out pastry bags. I don’t recommend store-brand bags for this; I have had the seam rip while squeezing out the chocolate. Huge mess!

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Place a small square of waxed paper over your stencil paper.

Pipe chocolate around the edge of one wing at a time. Squeeze a small amount of colored chocolate into the center of each wing section. Use a toothpick to spread colored candy to fill the wing. Use a toothpick to gently swirl chocolate and colored candy. Sprinkle edges of wings with sprinkles, if desired.

Work with just one wing at a time. The chocolate hardens quickly!

040910 097-1

Place your bag of chocolate back in the microwave for a few seconds if it becomes too stiff (don’t forget to take off the metal writing tip!).

040910 098-1

Trace the antennae. Let wings harden completely.

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There are two ways to assemble the butterflies: create self-standing butterflies, or assemble the butterflies on the cupcakes.

I was making these for Little J’s party, where the girls were making and decorating their own cupcakes. I thought assembling them on the cupcakes would be too time consuming for the party, so I made mine self-standing. The down side of trying to make self-standing butterflies is that the cute little segmented bodies (see picture below) don’t stay quite so cute when you are trying to balance the wings in the still-wet chocolate.

For a great tutorial on how to assemble the butterflies on the cupcakes, visit Annie’s Eats.

040910 108-1

For self-standing cupcakes: using the melted chocolate, pipe a body onto a separate piece of waxed paper. Make little dollops of chocolate, being sure that they touch.

Now for the tricky part: find some odds and ends in your kitchen drawers to use to prop up your butterfly wings and antennae while the chocolate body hardens (I used plastic mason jar lids and medicine cups). Place the wings at an angle in the still soft chocolate body. Prop them up underneath. Place the antennae at the head of the butterfly and prop that as well.

I tried just holding the wings while the chocolate hardened, but the wings started to melt in my fingers before the body was hard enough to support the wings. Propping them was much easier!

040910 116-1

Gently peel the butterflies off of the waxed paper when you are ready to put them onto your cupcakes.

040910 157-1

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Also, try this Fabulous Cupcake Frosting!

12 responses to “How To . . . Make Chocolate Butterflies

  1. Kristen

    LOVE IT!!! I was wanting to do some butterflies on cupcakes for my 2year olds birthday. You were a headache saver!!!

  2. Chelsea

    These are so cute!! I tried my hand at making these a few times. I’ve had a hard time keeping them from melting. I keep the wings (separate left from the right wing) in the freezer and then assemble right before they are eaten. However, the wings start melting the moment I take them out of the freezer and begin falling apart. I havent tried the chocolate body. Would that solve the problem?

    • The chocolate shouldn’t melt at room temperature (unless your kitchen is very warm). They start to melt if I hold them in my hands for too long, but not just sitting out at room temperature. Maybe it is the type of chocolate you are using? Did you add anything to the chocolate when you melted it?

      • jess

        that means your chocolate wasn’t in temper.. did you buy regular couverature chocolate or coating chocolate? If you have couverature chocolate then you need to temper it in a double boiler, and follow specific temps to make it harden at room temp without melting.. if its coating there should be no problem.

  3. Hayley

    I love this and gave it a try but my wings had the same problem as Chelsea- melting straight away – before I even assembled them on the cakes. Could it be that I over melted the chocolate? Was it because I used milk chocolate instead of, perhaps, dark?

    • It could be the type of chocolate you are using. I use the candy melts that are come in disks that are made to be melted and shaped. Mine harden quickly at room temperature, but do melt if I hold them in my hands for more than about 30 seconds. I do not have to put them in the fridge or freezer to harden the chocolate. Maybe it is the humidity and a warm kitchen? Or were the wings really thin?

  4. Chelsea M

    Thanks so much for this! A girl back down for making my friends baby shower cupcakes so i needed something quick! Can’t wait to try this weekend! thanks so much!

  5. June

    Wow! Thank you so much! A great way to decorate my mother’s birthday cupcakes! I just hope mine looks as good as yours!

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  7. Cristin

    I learned this the hard way. YOU HAVE TO TEMPER YOUR CHOCOLATE or all your work is in vain. Look it up on YouTube. The science is: if your chocolate gets too hot, when it cools, your creations will wilt. You can temper it using a microwave but stovetop is best and not hard. When you temper chocolate, after it cools, you should be able to break it and hear/feel a snap, just like a chocolate bar from the store (even if it’s thin!). Then you’ll know you got it right🙂

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